The Company

NIKOLI Co., Ltd.
Nihonbashi-hamacho Bldg.3F, 3-36-5 Nihonbashi-hamacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0007,Japan
Tel: +81-3-3527-2512

The person in charge

Yoshinao Anpuku

Sales Price

Depending on the item. Please see the price list.

Shipping Cost

Depending on the quantity. Please see the shipping cost list.

Volume (s) Shipping Costs
1 ¥400 JPY
2 ¥700 JPY
3 ¥1000 JPY
4 ¥1300 JPY
5 ¥1500 JPY
6 ¥1600 JPY
More than 7 +¥100 every 1 books

(Volume * 100 + 1000)

Accepted order method

This web site, at the Purchase nikoli books online page only.

Accepted payment method

PayPal, Credit Card

Delivery Date

About three weeks after receiving the formal order.


We will exchange the book if the pages are out of order.