Nikoli / Nikoli Opens Puzzle Cafe, NIKOLI BIYORI, in Tokyo

2014-11-15 01:58   #14110002

img14110002_1img14110002_2img14110002_3 Nikoli opened the first of its kind puzzle cafe called NIKOLI BIYORI in Tokyo.
Cafe opened on the first floor of Nikoli's headquarters. BIYORI means "a nice sunny day" in Japanese. NIKOLI BIYORI is "a just perfect day and the place where people can unwind their mind."

The cafe is divided into two sections. One is a retail shop space and the other is the entertainment space. In the entertainment space, customers can enjoy not only Nikoli's original puzzles but also fun-solving mechanical puzzles such as jigsaw puzzles, Rubik cube and puzzle links.
In the retail section, customers can purchase those mechanical puzzles besides Nikoli's books.

Nikoli plans to exhibit the rare puzzles and historical puzzles in the near future.
The admission fee is JPY 500 for unlimited time. Refreshment of coffee and tea are provided for free.

Neighbors and Nikoli's funs enjoy solving and playing the puzzles from morning till late afternoon.
Nikoli welcomes all the puzzle fans from abroad.