Rules and execise of Shikaku

"Shikaku" is an Nikoli original puzzle. You solve the puzzle by dividing the board into small boxes.

Rules of Shikaku

  1. Divide the grid into rectangles.
  2. Each rectangle contains only one number.
  3. The number indicates how many cells are contained in the rectangle.




Shikaku exercise


Let's solve this problem together.


Near the top left corner, the 3 looks like an easy clue. There is only room for 1x3 (with 3x1 the box would contain the 6), so the result has to be 3x1, like here.


The bottom right 6 has to be a 3x2 box (2x3 and 1x6 are out), and there is only way to put it.


With the bottom right 6 in place, the 6 cell box above it has to be a 2x3.


Look at the A cell at the top right corner, thinking from the blank cells helps us here. The A cell can only be in the 3 box along the right half of the top.


The bottom left 6 is a 2x3 or 3x2 box. The blinking 2x2 cell will be a part of this 6 cell box, and we can mark the 2x2 block temporarily.


Now, using the temporarily set 2 x2 block, the result is simple, there is only one way to put the remaining boxes.


That's all, easy really, and now you are on your own.